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If you need off-road diesel for your business, let us take care of it. Learn more about “Off-Road” diesel and why you need it. Work with us now and get the benefits of this service
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Wherever you are, and whatever business industry you’re in, you can trust Fuel Core when it comes to off-road diesel delivery
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All About Off-Road Diesel
With off-road diesel, you can save money and earn more profit. It’s the same as on-road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) without the state and the Federal road taxes. Off-road diesel is commonly used for filling up equipment such as generators, tractors, trains, bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, skid steers, reefer trailers, forklifts, and more. Off-road diesel also powers up other types of standard heavy equipment.
We’ll Make Your Life Easier with Our Off-Road Diesel Delivery
Wherever you are, and whatever business industry you’re in, you can trust Fuel Core when it comes to off-road diesel delivery. We can bring the diesel you need to your location, whether it’s a job site, a grocery store, a high-rise building, or a family farm. We can fill any equipment, bulk tank, and job site tank. Experts at Fuel Core know the crucial role of off-road diesel to businesses and industries.
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Not many people know the difference between on-road diesel and off-road diesel. The truth is, the quality is the same. Off-road diesel is similar to on-road diesel, but a dye is added for identification purposes. Off-road diesel is also known as red diesel, dyed diesel, or farm diesel, which are tax-free. However, you would need to register with your state and receive a permit to use off-diesel for your operations. Start saving money now and enjoy the benefits of our on-site fueling services!
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Different states have varying rules and requirements. Reach out to your local comptroller to better understand your state’s requirements when it comes to off-road diesel.
Off Road Fuel Delivery
Fuel Delivery for Generators
Generators often use off-road diesel. When your business relies on your generator, running out of diesel is a mistake you can’t afford.
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Off Road Diesel Delivery
Construction Sites On-Site Fueling
We can make your job easier by delivering off-road diesel to your construction site. Many types of equipment use off-road diesel to work.
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reefer fuel delivery
Reefer Trailer Refueling
Reefer trailers with an independent tank often use off-road dyed diesel. Refrigerated trailers or reefer trailers must stay filled up and in power to keep your goods in their best quality.
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